Welcome to Sabochini, a trio of limitless creatives. 

We are a newly formed group - founded by Bertil, and brought to life in collaboration with the creative minds of Kevin and Marius - all hailing from Denmark, where we were born and raised.

Despite our vastly different backgrounds, we have a shared vision that unites us: 


To pursue creative expression without limitations.


The Journey of Sabochini began in 2021 when Bertil took a chance with himself: To be the absolute best clothing designer he could be.

In 2023 - a meeting through mutual friendship between Kevin and Bertil, found Kevin and childhood friend Marius, sharing the same vision. Since then we've chosen to merge our talents to transform Sabochini into more than just a fashion statement. We aspire for Sabochini to evolve into a creatively dynamic platform, a community representing individuals like us—creative souls willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of absolute creative freedom.


Join us on this thrilling adventure, as Sabochini becomes a symbol of boundless creativity, reflecting the spirit of those who dare to lose it all in the pursuit of boundless artistic expression.


⁃Events &  Our Community, And Talkshow

Sabochini Boat Party:

On October 20th, we hosted our first independent event: Sabochini Boat Party.

It took place on a ferry located in Christianshavn, and was a celebration of Sabochini’s PLUVIO collection, as well as the creative community involved in our rise thus far. It boasted an array of different musical performances accompanied by a Pop up shop, open bar and a dance floor like few others.


Sabochini Christmas Concerts:

Following the succes of our initial boat party, we decided to visit the boat once again but with more focus on our love for music.

This spawned our “Christmas Concerts” event, starting out with an extensive pop up shop hosting our PLUVIO collection, as well as

9+ musical performances from upcoming danish artists.

We wanted to express love for our musical associates, while also giving our followers a chance to join us in an evening of dancing, 

drinking and of course fashion.



Our next venture will be the SaboShow - A talk show where we will accommodate countless creatives of all kinds,

and ask them unconventional questions while exploring their personalities. We want to introduce you to these creatives not just as artists,

but as human beings. These episodes will give you an opportunity to “meet” the guests in ways no danish talkshow has done before.


⁃Our Clothing 


Our clothing line aspires & grows from our love for quality & details. At Sabochini, we believe in clothes being a modem 

22 FEB 2022 ( Debut )

Sabochini Signature Denim Jeans

⁃Beige, Blue, Black


20 JULY 2022

Sabo Fam Collection

⁃Signatures Denim Jeans

⁃Logo Zip Up

⁃Blanc Zip Up

⁃Logo Hoodie

⁃Blanc Hoodie

⁃Blue, Brown, Black Trucker

⁃Blue, Black, White, Red Underwear


7 OCT 2022

OPALS + Black Signatures


11 NOV 2022

Beige Signatures (igen)


10 FEB 2023

Sabochini Beanies:

⁃Khaki Green

⁃Sky Blue



8 MARTS 2023

Dreamy Duo Fitted Cap Preorder OPEN


30 MAY 2023 - 2ND JUNE (MTO DROP)

Beige Signatures V.2 


12 JULI 2023


⁃Sabochini Black Metal Logo Tee

⁃Dreamy Duo Fitted Caps

⁃Sabochini Tote Bag


31 OCT 2023









19 NOV 2023

SBC Core White T-shirt


⁃Founder´s Story



⁃Dreams & Aspirations

What started as a simple clothing company aiming to combine high fashion with Y2k inspired streetwear, has since evolved into 

a creative hub giving life to all kinds of endeavours. Our wish is to be a beacon of creativity in not just northern Europe, but worldwide.

We truly came from nothing, with no helping hand but ourselves and our friends - So we wish to prove that anyone no matter their origin, 

are able to create their own future for themselves.


Thank you for following our journey, lets shape a future of creativity together.

⁃Love, Sabochini Team.